Wooden Sucker Trees

We made 2 wooden trees this year.  One for Jeremy’s parents and one for mine. Jeremy drilled the holes to fit very tightly so each tree layer could be moved up or down as desired.  He also designed the based.  The kids insisted on a star at the top so that was added last minute.  Asa made most of the red, white, and green suckers.   I was in a hurry to get them in the mail so I didn’t fill the trees with suckers before taking the pictures.

wood tree030 wood tree032 wood tree033 wood tree035


Asa and I made 10 boats for Christmas.  My mom bought them from him for her grandchildren. He drew the design on the wood, I cut them on the band saw, he sanded them.  Then Jeremy helped him drill the holes and he glued the top part.

boats asa's boat015

I helped paint them.boat001

Time to make masts.  First I cut out the pattern.  It took a bit to work out, but this is the shape that worked the best.boat002Then I serged them.

boat003Finally I top stitched around the sail.

boat004 boat008Assembly time.

boat016 boats a boat019 boat020 boat021 boats c

Time to pack them up and mail them off.boats dboats e boats f


We don’t usually do a typical Christmas but this year we did.  We got a marbles and block game.

005 006 013 014 016 018 019 020 021 022 marble blocks marble fun

LegosAsa's ship

002 003 004 005 006 007 012 014

10 Days in Europe Game

017 018 019 020 021 022 024I made Ephraim a stuffed animal and Gin and Asa picked out a jumping dog for him.

026 029 032 033 eph bear ephraim's teddy ep's bear with patch Ephraim's dogThe Guthrie’s (our neighbors) brought over some oranges and gingerbread sleigh kits so the kids put those together.

023 025 040 037 038043 044 asa decorating sleigh Gin's sleigh gin's sleigh (2) gin's sleigh3 jasper decorating sleigh jasper and ephraim sleighmoccasin shoe kits

037 038 039 040 041

Gin’s Birthday Cake

Virginia wanted a grand cake for her birthday this year.  She spent hours looking on line for ideas and then designing her cake.  She prepared 4 different cake mixes the day before her birthday and then on her birthday she put it together and decorated it.

gin's b-day 001 gin's b-day 002 gin's b-day 005gin's b-day 015 gin's b-day 016 gin's b-day 017 gin's b-day 018 gin's b-day 019gin's b-day 020 gin's b-day 021 gin's b-day 022 gin's b-day 023gin's b-day 026 gin's b-day 028 gin's b-day 031 gin's b-day 033 gin's b-day 034 gin's b-day 035 gin's b-day 036